Each Sunday we offer classes for all ages:

9:00 a.m. Adult Bible Study: Junior High & High School

9:15 a.m. Pre-School: Early Elementary - Older Elementary

During worship, children kindergarten and younger are invited to their own special worship time where they will engage the Biblical stories through art, puppetry, and other opportunities.

Sunday School:

    Unity Lutheran Christian Education program has a long and rich history of studying the Bible and discussing Jesus’ work in engaging, thought provoking ways that are set in age appropriate curriculums.  Please come join us!  All are welcome!

Pre-K and Kindergarten:

    Pre-K and Kindergarten children attend the beginning of the morning worship service that ends for them at Children's Time.  They then attend a class designed around the discussion at Children’s Time and the Bible.  The activities rotate where the children experience Bible stories in many different ways, using art, games, and storytelling aimed at encouraging the children to engage with each other and learn in a fun environment. 

Elementary and Pre-Junior High:

    Elementary and Pre-Junior High children attend Sunday School before worship at 9am. Based upon the number of children and their ages, classes are designed each year to group the children together based upon their learning needs and capabilities. The Bible discussions and activities build upon each other and become more advanced as the children grow. Our children understand that they have a special place in our church and are an important part of the congregation.   



Junior High and High School:

    Junior High and High School young people also attend Sunday School before worship at 9am.  This is a special time in a young person’s Christian education because our youth begin their glorious journey toward confirmation.  In the classes, the Youth explore the Bible and engage in thought provoking discussion aimed at solidifying a strong Christian foundation to guide them through adulthood.

    In addition to congregation-based teaching, the youth gather together for group learning, games, dinners, and a service projects connected to their Christian learning. Our Youth are active in the Church and serve the greater Berwyn community through their special projects and outreach programs. If you child is entering 6th Grade, please come join our Youth program.

Confirmation Classes:

     Confirmation classes meet the first Wednesday of the month at 7:30 p.m. Approximately once a month we have a field trip. This is a time of exploration and invitation for our young people to make their own personal and public expression of faith.

Adult Class:

As adults, we may seek to find a deeper connection to God and Christian teachings in a way that connects to everyday life.  Discussions are self-led and group paced meaning we take as much time as we need on a topic to fully explore and deepen our Faith.  Our discussions are based on readings from the Bible and other texts. Bring your coffee mug and desire to have thought provoking discussion. Unity Lutheran supplies coffee – you bring your desire to learn and connect.