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We know that in Jesus Christ we have been set free to serve God and one another.  Unity is active in the Berwyn community, dedicated to being a force for good.  This includes projects such as serving ax an emergency shelter, and car washes for our first responders.  We actively encourage our community to participate in local government, advocacy, while equipping the Saints for the work of ministry.  Unity has served as an oasis for those who long for justice, offering a place of renewal, grounding, and hope.


Awake!  Time to Rise is a community development organization started by Unity.  Its mission is to serve as a catalyst for Relationship, Leadership & Justice.  We do this through educational programming and community initiatives.

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HousingForward Emergency Shelter.  Unity hosts an emergency shelter twice a month between October and May.  We welcome strangers as friends, creating an environment of dignity and respect.  To volunteer, please contact us.

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