The Rev. Julie Boleyn

The Rev. Julie Boleyn has served as pastor to Unity Lutheran since 2011, seeing the congregation from a challenging consolidation to a thriving ministry. Boleyn led the founding of Awake, activating community members across cultures to work for leadership, justice, and relationship. Boleyn has a background in fundraising and community development. Boleyn graduated from The Evergreen State College in Washington State with a Bachelor of Arts. She is a graduate of the Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago, where she earned her Masters of Divinity.

Mr. Élider DiPaula
Music Director

Élider DiPaula is a Brazilian classical pianist, composer, and pedagogue. At the age of seven, he won the Orestes Farinello National Piano Competition and has since experienced success both on stage and off. He earned his bachelor’s degree from Universidade Federal de Goiás before coordinating the 8th National Composers Conference at Federal University of Goiás, and serving as co-creator of the Contemporary Music Exhibition Som de Minuto. He founded the Catartístico Society, established the Escola de Músicos, and served as Coordinator of International Artists Exchange Program Basileu França. In the United States, DiPaula earned his Master of Music in piano performance at James Madison University before moving to Chicago for the Artist Diploma program at Chicago College for the Performing Arts at Roosevelt University.

Pastor Julie